Cricava is a software boutique. It was founded in the year 2003 by two young passionate entrepeneurs.

Throughout these years, we managed to provide services to clients from all over the world using a wide variety of technologies, focusing mostly on the web. Our services include: consulting, development, training & design.

Since the year 2005, we are an active member at vWorker  (formely known as Rent A Coder, avirtual platform that facilitates the contact between buyers and suppliers from all around the world) and we have an impeccable record.

Marian :: programmer & published author

I am a prolific programmer, who started coding at the early age of 11 and I specialize in C++, Node.js, Python, and PHP programming, among other languages. I contribute to several open source projects, and I also give talks on several conferences.

I spend my free time looking for even more open source projects to work on, so do not be surprised if you see me committing code on a Sunday at 3 AM. I published a CakePHP programming book that was wonderfully received by the community, and I’m planning on publishing new books.

Clauz :: wordpress junkie a knack for design

Female, smoothly cruising the beginning of my 30’s.

Coder at heart -php programming mostly-, I started designing a few years ago by hobbie and now I also get hired for it ;)

I adore my job, and anyone who has worked with me will agree that I kick ass at customer service.

I love all things WordPress, gardening, cooking, really spicy food, giving belly rubs to my cats, bazzzingas and frustating over house renovations.

Simba, Floo & Ollie :: the furball trio

Simba has been named “the 7 million dollar cat”. He was involved in a tuna-addiction scandal, but after successful rehab, he is back to his old self.

Floo is simply a badass. She’s in charge of security and she will scratch the hell out of you if you misbehave.

Ollie is simply our lucky charm.



We provide two kind of development services for our customers: legacy solutions which are built to meet the client’s specifications and deployment of pre-existent packages with the option of further customization.

While the legacy developments are crafted from scratch and built especifically to meet your criteria, the deployment of a package that belongs to a third party involves the usage of software that is already built, that fits your needs and that can also be modified futher to add specific functionality that might be required, or to alter their look and feel to meet certain visual standard.


Graphic design means visual communication. It is the tool for expressing ideas and concepts and present them to your audience.
We take care of two important aspects of it: Branding and Interface Design and we make sure we convey and deliver your message clearly and with impact.

Branding is applied to the development of the corporate identity of a company or a project. It includes logos, business cards and print sheets among others.

The goal of Interface Design might seem less obvious but it is crucial to complement a satisfactory functionality.

Whether it is a corporate website, or an application for your customers or employees, the design aspect of an IT solution becomes a potent tool for both differentiating from your competitors and achieving acceptance from the end users.


When a company faces a new technological need, a lot of decisions must be made consciously to ensure success. Only someone with deep knowledge and experience to analyse the pros and cons of each available path can achieve a satisfactory result.

We provide expert advise in several areas of IT such as security, scalability, datawarehousing, web stress analysis, refactoring among other topics in order to help you make the best decision.


Pro bono is a phrase derived from Latin meaning “for the good”. It is used to designate professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment, as a public service. [ source: Wikipedia  ]

With this service, we intend to help non-profit organizations by building IT web based software and programming solutions that help their public service offering.
Any institution that pursues non commercial objectives and has the unique intention of working for the public good can apply for our pro bono program by contacting us.


Each project has a story and these are some of the highlights of our career as freelancers.

In this gallery you can find examples of our most hardcore custom development work and also examples of graphic design, wordpress tweaking among other things. Feel free to check it our or inquiry about any of these projects. Not all projects listed here are currently online -hey, we cannot control other people’s ventures!- but if you really want to check something out in detail, we can deploy it in a private environment for you.

Click through the images to navigate the gallery where you can find out about our work in more detail. You can use your keyboard arrows for easier left-right navigation. You can close the gallery by clicking on the picture at any time.